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State Guest House, Akasaka Palace

image:view of State Guest House, Akasaka PalaceThe building of the Akasaka Palace is the sole neo-baroque style Western building in Japan which was initially constructed as the Crown Prince's residence in 1909 by the all-out efforts of Japanese artisan, and its value is appreciated as a cultural asset as well.
As the number of visits of state and official guests from abroad has increased in consequence of Japan's reintegration into the international community after World War II, it was made a decision to restore and remodel the Palace into a State Guest House in 1974 which could serve as the scene of diplomatic activities.
Since its opening, the State Guest House has provided accommodations for state and official guests including monarchs, presidents and prime ministers from countries throughout the world. It has become an illustrious stage for diplomatic activities, such as welcoming ceremonies, meetings and receptions with leading figures in the political, business and academic circles. It has also served as a venue for important international conferences including the Tokyo Summit meetings (1979, 1986, 1993) and the Japan-ASEAN Commemorative Summit of 2003.
Taking into account of a great deal of people's interest, the Palace has been made open to the public since 1975, so long as it doesn't affect the Palace's primary role as the State Guest House.

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