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Public Opening of the Kyoto State Guest House

Advisory Note


  • Due to sudden scheduling of visit of dignitaries or some other operational reasons, the public opening is subject to cancellation.
  • In case of bad weather due to an approaching typhoon or low atmospheric pressure, the public opening is subject to cancellation.
  • In case of the cancellation of the public opening, no compensation will be guaranteed even if the expenses such as the cancellation fees of the hotel charges, transportation expenses and the like were charged to a visitor.

(2)Advanced application

  • Advanced application shall be acceptable only via website. Please be advised that the application shall be invalid in case that there is incomplete part such as an omission or the like in your application.
  • Personal information collected through processing applications will be used only for lottery result notification. They will not be used for any other purpose.

(3)For visit

  • There are no car / bicycle park facilities for visitors in the Kyoto State Guest House.
    Please use the public transportation.
  • Kyoto Imperial Gardens are covered with gravel stones. Please visit with shoes which are easy to walk in.

(4)At the Entrance

  • Your group representative will be asked to leave his / her telephone or mobile number as the emergency contact details. Please give us the reachable number on the day.
  • Please obey the introduction of staff members of the Guest House.
  • Non-Admission Card/ visit-certificate holders are not allowed to enter the building.
  • Elementary school children and younger (including infants and toddlers) cannot enter the buildings. Pets are not allowed.
  • On arrival, you and your belongings will be subject to airport-style security checks for safety reasons.
  • Due to congestion, you may have to wait around 30 minutes to enter the buildings.
  • You can visit with only one baggage no larger than 25 x 25 x 10cm per person. Please leave other baggage in the coin-operated lockers (100 yen returned) of the basement. We have no money changer. Please prepare coins in advance.
  • Only application through the website with 20 or more persons is applied for group charge.

(5)In the building

  • Security cameras are operational at all times throughout the facility.
  • To protect the buildings, please do not touch anything, including the furniture, walls, sliding doors, and the floors.
  • You will be asked to change into slippers set in the shoes lockers when you enter the building.
  • Entrance restrictions may apply if the buildings become overcrowded.
  • No lavatories are available along the route. Please use those in the basement.
  • We provide wheelchairs for use inside the building. All wheelchair users must use these wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the number is limited, which may cause a delay in entering the facility.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted anywhere in the Guest House.
  • Photography for non-commercial purposes is allowed in certain areas. However, flash usage, filming, large-size cameras, tripods, step-ladders, and selfie sticks are not permitted.
  • Smoking, tossing of coins, megaphone usage, signboard propaganda or any other activities that can be nuisance to the visitors are not permitted.


  • Any damage to the facility may be reported to the Police and is punishable by law.

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What is the Kyoto State Guest House?

Public Opening of the Kyoto State Guest House


Photo:Kyoto State Guest House


Yubae-no-Ma(Large Conference Room)

Fuji-no-Ma(Banquet Hall)

Kiri-no-Ma(Japanese-style Banquet Room)

Movie:Kyoto State Guest House
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