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Kyoto State Guest House

image:Kyoto State Guest HouseThe Kyoto State Guest House is located in Kyoto, a traditional and culturally rich city of Japan. The facility was built in 2005 for the purpose of welcoming guests from abroad, for helping them understand Japan and for deepening friendship with Japan.
In order to harmonize the historical sites with the natural environment of the area, this house was created in a sophisticated traditional Japanese style, with a hip-and-gable roof which is called Irimoya. Also included is the free architectural design based on the decorative alcove, which is called Sukiya. Another special feature is the formal style fence called Tsuijibei, which is made by pounding a mixture of mud and clay and placing it between wooden frames. To build this house, many artisans, including Sukiya style carpenters, plasterers, special gardeners and metal foil cutters collaborated on special techniques which are recognized as traditional accomplishments in Kyoto. Interior design features include Nishijin fabric picture fittings called Makie, which are sprinkled with flecks of gold, silver or beautiful paint. Moreover, carefully selected lacquer ware that exemplifies tradition and excellent craftsmanship augments the graceful interior decor.

image:Kyoto State Guest House and rainbow The Kyoto State Guest House offers a sense of hospitality based on original Japanese culture which makes it unique compared to the Western style of the State Guest House, Akasaka Palace, Tokyo.

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Yubae-no-Ma(Large Conference Room)

Fuji-no-Ma(Banquet Hall)

Kiri-no-Ma(Japanese-style Banquet Room)

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