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July, 1999 Enactment of the “PFI Law”
September, 1999 Creation of “The Committee for Promotion of PFI” in the Prime Minister’s Office
March, 2000 Release of “the Basic Policy”
January, 2001 Release of “Process Guideline” and “Risk Sharing Guideline”
July, 2001 Release of “VFM Guideline”
July, 2001 Revision of “PFI Law”
June, 2003 Release of “Contract Guideline” and “Monitoring Guideline”
June, 2004 Release of “Interim Report of the Committee for Promotion of PFI”
August, 2005 Revision of “PFI Law”
November, 2006 Arrangement Paper of “Directors from PFI Liaison Conference of the Relevant Ministers and Agencies”
December, 2006 Annual Report 2005 (the 1st Annual Report) was issued.
June, 2007 Revision of “VFM Guideline” and “Process Guideline”
November, 2007 Release of “Report of the Committee for Promotion of PFI”
July, 2008 Revision of “VFM Guideline”
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