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PPP Web Tokyo Conference 2007

Main message

The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for representatives from various countries to share their experiences about the common issues and the challenges arising from their own PPP/PFI programs.

We hope this conference will help find solutions to problems members are currently tackling. Additionally, we would be pleased if everyone agrees to continue this conference on an annual basis.

Conference Structure


We will clarify and discuss the common international problems of PPP/PFI projects by sharing information through mailing lists and the website.


The members will be representatives of national governments or international organizations who are responsible for PPP/PFI policies and implementation in their respective nations or areas. Additional members will be welcomed upon request by a member.


We will select 5 themes concerning PPP/PFI, and suggested themes are below:

  • Theme 1: The role of PPP/PFI units
  • Theme 2: TenderingFinance
  • Theme 3: Value for Money
  • Theme 4: Finance


From March to May in 2007.


The Japan Research Institute will prepare a mailing list for this discussion. This website will be updated once a day to include discussions being held through the mailing list. After a discussion topic has closed, a summary will be posted to the public homepage of the Cabinet Office of Japan.


In addition to initiating the discussion, the designated moderator will provide topics related to the theme along with resources for discussion. The moderator will coordinate and facilitate the discussions accordingly.


These materials will be provided in the end: discussion summaries, survey results from members, and three newsletters about the discussion themes and the current state of Japanese PFI/PPP.

We want to maximize the effectiveness of this conference. To do this, members will be emailed questionnaires concerning the themes; results will be returned as available throughout the conference. The questionnaire will be in MS Word format and should be submitted by email. If there is a problem with the file please contact us.



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