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PPP Web Tokyo Conference 2008

Main message

Dear Sir and Madam,

Last year we had the Web Tokyo Conference and we appreciate very much for the participants to join us to have active and meaningful discussions. Now we are pleased to invite you again to Web Tokyo Conference 2008.
We will start this year’s conference soon in March, and expectedly the discussion will take around 2 months through e-mails, website and newsletters as we did last year. The result we had acquired in last year was very meaningful, and we would like to invite the same countries and some plus this year so as to continue and update information each other.

Web Tokyo Conference2008 is the global discussions via e-mails and website for the national governmental personnel to exchange information about its country’s own way of procurement.

Three ways of communication: Website and E-mail, Newsletters

  • For most of the members are very busy people, we will use e-mails for discussions and storage all the discussions to the website to check back afterwards.
  • Especially for the participants, we will summarize the discussions and distribute newsletters for each theme.

The Topics

  • Theme1:Making changes in the output specification
  • Theme2:Consideration for environmental impacts
  • Theme3:Standardization of Contracts

We look forward to welcoming you to this year’s discussion.
Best regards,


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