FY 2007
Shokuiku Promotion Policy
(Shokuiku White Paper)



This report is a “Report Regarding Measures Taken for Promotion of Shokuiku”, which must be submitted by the government in the Diet under the provision of the Article 15 of Basic Law on Shokuiku (Act No.63 of 2005).
The report explains “Shokuiku Promotion Plan”, mainly on each items of “Promotion of Shokuiku as a National Movement”, based on “Shokuiku Promotion Basic Plan (decided on March 31, 2006, Shokuiku Council).

  1. Promotion of Shokuiku as a National Movement 1-2 (Page 2~7) [PDF:237KB], 2-2 (Page 8~11) [PDF:454KB]
  2. Promotion of Shokuiku at Home (Page 12) [PDF:22KB]
  3. Promotion of Shokuiku in Schools and Day-care Centers (Page 13~14) [PDF:118KB]
  4. Promotion of Programs to Improve Dietary Life in the Region (Page 15~16) [PDF:273KB]
  5. Promotion of Interaction between Producers and Consumers and Revitalization of Environmental Harmony Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Industry (Page 17) [PDF:155KB]
  6. Promotion of Providing Information Regarding Food Safety (Page 18) [PDF:91KB]
  7. Promotion of Surveys, Researches and Other Measures (Page 19) [PDF:131KB]

Cabinet Office, Government of Japan