FY 2009
Shokuiku Promotion Policy
(Shokuiku White Paper)



This report is a “Report Regarding Measures Taken for Promotion of Shokuiku”, which must be submitted by the government in the Diet under the provision of the Article 15 of the Shokuiku Basic Act (Act No.63 of 2005).
The report is about the promotion measures of shokuiku taken in the fiscal year 2009. Each clause is organized and described based on “Shokuiku Promotion Basic Plan (decided on March 31, 2006, Shokuiku Council)” and by considering “Promotion of Shokuiku as a National Movement”.

Part 1 Present Scenario and Challenges for Promotion Measures of Shokuiku

Chapter 1 Present Scenario of Promotion Measures of Shokuiku 1-4 (Page 2~7) [PDF:448KB] , 2-4 (Page 8~10) [PDF:361KB] , 3-4 (Page 11~12) [PDF:496KB] , 4-4 (Page 13~15) [PDF:291KB]

Chapter 2 Issues and Initiatives for Promotion Measures of Shokuiku 1-2 (Page 15~16) [PDF:478KB] , 2-2 (Page 17~18) [PDF:477KB]

Part 2 Specific Efforts for Promotion Measures of Shokuiku

The Cabinet Office, Government of Japan