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International Youth Exchange Programs

The aim of the International Youth Exchange Programs by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, is to foster healthy growth of youths who will be the core force of the next generation, by promoting mutual understanding and friendship among youths, while broadening their international view, as well as nurturing the spirit of international cooperation. It is through two types of programs, (1) sending Japanese youths and inviting foreign youths to Japan utilizing airplanes and, (2) multi-national exchange utilizing ships.

In each program, Japanese as well as foreign participant youths will engage in various activities including exchange programs such as research and discussion of common topics based on global points of view, introduction of culture of his or her country, observation of industrial/cultural/educational institutions, homestay, etc., to deepen friendship and spirit of goodwill.

After participating in the programs of the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, Japanese youths join an alumni association, International Youth Exchange Organization of Japan (IYEO). Fully utilizing their valuable experience through the programs overseas, they launch diverse activities promoting social contribution and international understanding and cooperation in their local communities and/or through their professions.

Finally, foreign youths organize alumni associations (“SSEAYP International” and “Ship for World Youth Alumni Association (SWYAA)” in their respective countries, conducting various activities of social contribution and sustaining strong ties with Japan and other participating countries.

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