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Council for Science and Technology Policy 53rd session (22 March, 2006)

  At its 53rd session on March 22, the CSTP approved the draft of the third Science and Technology Basic Plan, and decided the eight field-wise promotion strategies, which define important research themes, strategic critical science and technologies-together with their expected economic and societal outcome-and ways to facilitate return of the research efforts into economic and societal value.

  The Basic Plan will be decided by the Cabinet by the end of this month. Executive members of the Council from academia and industry presented a paper proposing specific actions to ensure quick implementation of the Basic Plan, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of Japan's economy and maximizing the return of science and technology to society and the public. Through active discussion on the paper, a consensus emerged that the paper set a base tone for the deliberation in the CSTP henceforth. Prime Minister Koizumi concluded the meeting, saying"I understand that it is very hard to make selection and concentration in science and technology budget, the only budget item that is increasing amongst stringent financial situation. I expect your hard work making best use of your expertise, since science and technology is one of the most important policy agenda."

Outline of the paper submitted by the Executive Members of the CSTP

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