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Council for Science and Technology Policy 55th session (23 May, 2006)

At its 55th session on May 23, the executive members put forward their proposal of comprehensive strategy for innovation and its vigorous creation, which is is one of the most important items of the third Science and Technology Basic Plan. The strategy encompassed the creation of the world's top class research centers, enhancement of industry/academia collaboration, continuous financial support to get over the "valley of death," procurement of new technology product and services, and international standardization. The strategy hopes to enrich sources, nurture the seeds, and ripen the fruit. The strategy will be elaborated upon and decided at the next meeting.

Prime Minister Koizumi concluded the meeting, saying "Economic growth will not be attained without science and technology. Everything around us is closely connected to science and technology: medicine, health, environmental protection, convenience in daily lives, and many other areas. I urge you to work together to make best use of the discussion here."

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