Examples of Creating New Value in the Field of Food Products(Society 5.0)

New value in the field of food products

In Society 5.0, new value can be generated in the following ways: through AI analysis of big data consisting of diverse information, such as personal allergies, information on food products, food products stored in family refrigerators, retail store inventories, and market conditions.

・Make purchasing of food convenient by providing consumers with proposals on food products tailored to allergy information and personal preferences

・Reduce waste by automating the management of food stored in refrigerators and enabling the ordering and purchasing of only the food needed

・Make eating pleasurable by providing cooking-related proposals based on family preferences or daily health conditions

・Enable farm producers and retail stores to manage production, orders, and inventory in accordance with customer needs

For society on the whole, these solutions can help reduce food waste and make the food industry more competitive.