Examples of Creating New Value in the Field of Manufacturing(Society 5.0)

New value in the field of manufacturing

In Society 5.0, new value can be generated in the following ways: through AI analysis of big data spanning diverse types of information, including customer and consumer demand, supplier inventory information, and delivery information, and the following will be realized.

・Perform flexible production planning and inventory management in response to current needs by establishing links with other fields and industry suppliers outside of one’s usual business dealings

・Use AI and robots and apply inter-plant coordination to make production more efficient, save on labor, enable the inheritance of technical skills (master craftsmanship modeling), and achieve high-mix, low-volume production

・Make distribution more efficient by cross-industry cooperative shipping, truck platooning, etc.

・Enable customers and consumers too to obtain low-priced goods without delivery delays in accordance with needs

Furthermore, for society on the whole, these solutions can help strengthen industrial competitiveness, enhance responsiveness to disasters, mitigate the labor-shortage problem, deal with diverse needs, reduce GHG emissions and expenses, improve customer satisfaction, and stimulate consumption.