Examples of Creating New Value in the Field of Mobility(Society 5.0)

New value in the field of mobility

In Society 5.0, new value can be generated in the following ways through AI analysis of big data in a database spanning diverse types of information including sensor data from automobiles, real-time information on the weather, traffic, accommodations, and food and drink, and personal history, and the following will be realized.

・Make travelling and sightseeing easy by providing sightseeing routes matching personal preferences and proposing optimal plans taking weather, congestion, etc. into account

・Make movement pleasant without congestion and reduce accidents through autonomous driving

・Make movement smooth by combining car sharing services, public transportation, etc.

・Enable the elderly and physically challenged to move about on their own through the use of self-driving wheelchairs

Furthermore, for society on the whole, these solutions will help reduce CO2 emissions by public transportation institutions while promoting regional revitalization and stimulating consumption.