Workshop on Connected and Automated Driving Systems


Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program,
Council for Science, Technology and Innovation,
Cabinet Office, Government of Japan


November 17-18, 2014


United Nations University in Tokyo, Japan


Built-in driver assistance features will be integrated with connected vehicle technologies for safety and efficiency. Evolutionary process will continue toward higher level of automated driving. Experts from Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific will share progress of related projects and discuss technical and non-technical challenges for deployment. Scope of the discussion will include technologies, human factors, legal issues, and integrated applications of automated driving technologies, such as reduction of traffic injuries and next generation transportation services.
Japanese government initiated a research project on automated driving systems under Cross-Ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP). Details of research plan will be unveiled during the workshop. Preliminary results of the project will also be demonstrated.


  1. Dynamic and integrated database of road network and surroundings
  2. Perception of driving environment through communication
  3. Sharing roles between driver and vehicle system
  4. Integrated approach to reduce traffic fatality and injury
  5. Next generation transportation systems with automated driving technologies