Regarding the Establishment of the Environmental Research and Development Promotion Project Team

(Decision at the 26th Plenary Session of Council for Science and Technology Policy, March 28, 2003)


1. Purport
    The Environmental Research and Development Promotion Project Team (hereinafter called the gProject Teamh), composed of well-informed individuals, will be established in the Expert Panel on Promotion Strategy of Prioritized Areas in order to survey and examine the promotion of environmental field R&D implemented by related ministries and agencies and the current status of R&D under collaboration by the ministries and agencies, to contribute to the promotion of environmental research in terms of the government as a whole.

2. Content for Examination and Procedure
    In the environment field, the individual research projects being approached by each ministry are compiled and reconstructed in a consistent manner, according to the positioning in the Promotion Strategy of Prioritized Area, to establish a scenario-driven ginitiative (integrated strategy)h that has the same policy objectives as the overall government and the road to such resolution. Based on this, five priority tasks such as global warming research are promoted.
    The Project Team will survey and examine the latest trends of the priority tasks mentioned above, the efforts and collaboration status of measures of related government ministries, unnecessary overlapping, and effects of measures currently under implementation. Based on this, matters will be revealed that should be further expanded and strengthened from the perspective of resolving environmental issues and promoting new environmental industries, and research issues and technological issues that should be strategically pursued as well as measures for their promotion will be concretely indicated. At the same time, the necessary follow-up will be provided to effectively implement these actions. For this reason, sectional meetings chaired by Project Team members will be established, to pursue surveys and examinations for each priority task.

3. Examination Schedule
    The first Project Team meeting will be held from April 2003 for initiation of surveys and examinations, with the content reflected in the gFY2004 guidelines for Science and Technology resource allocation.h At the same time, surveys and examinations for follow-up purposes will be continued. 

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