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Table 2-3-49. Status of Transportation Accessibility Improvement for Older Persons, etc.

(1) Status of Bareer-Free-ization in Passenger Facilities

Number of facilities averagely used by over 5,000 passengers per day End of March 2001 Number of facilities averagely used by over 5,000 passengers per day and provided with toilets End of March 2001
Bareer-free-ization Blocks for guidance of the visually handicapped Provided with toilet for the handicapped
Railway station 2,742 902(32.9%) 1,776(64.8%) 2,601 64(2.5%)
Bus terminal 44 30(68.2%) 24(54.5%) 25 3(12.0%)
Piers 8 3(37.5%) 6(75.0%) 8 2(25.0%)
Airport 21 2(9.5%) 7(33.3%) 21 3(14.3%)

Above are figures conformed to the Accessibility Guideline based on Transportation Accessibility Improvement Law. Among the railway stations with more than 5 meters height difference which is used by over 5,000 passengers per day, the ratio of those equipped with one or more elevators is 47.2% and those equipped with one or more escalators are 66.1%.

(2) Status of Bareer-Free-ization of vehicles, etc.

Total of vehicles, etc. End of FY2001
Ratio conformed to the standard as of the
Railway vehicles 50,967 7,565(14.8%)
Buses 57,992
  Low-floor buses
  Non-step buses
Passenger boats 1,114 2(0.2%)
Airplanes 455 57(12.5%)

Concerning railway vehicles, passenger boats and airplanes, the ratios conformed to the smooth mobility standard are shown. Low-floor buses mean the ones with less than 65 cm floor height and include non-step buses. Non-step buses have no step at the entrance.

(3) Introduction of 'Welfare taxi for the disabled'

End of March 2001: 2,339 (Total of taxis: 259,033)

Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

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