Annual Report on Government Measures for Persons with Disabilities (Summary) 2013

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Part1 Situation of Persons with Disabilities (According to Basic Survey) (PDF:357KB)open pdf in a new window

Chapter1 Situation of Persons with Disabilities (From Basic Statistics)

  1. The Number of Persons with Disabilities (Outline of three classes)
  2. Education
  3. Employment

Chapter2 "Result of the Survey on Children Who are in a Regular Class, but Could be Developmental Disabilities, and Need a Special Educational Support"

  1. Method of Survey
  2. Result of Survey

Chapter3 The Result of "The Opinion Poll on Persons with Disabilities" (July, 2012)

  1. Outline of the Poll
  2. Outline of main results of the survey

Part2 Comprehensive Situation of Promotion (Efforts to the policy of persons with disabilities mainly made in FY2012)

Chapter1 Background and Status of Promotion of the Measures (PDF:350KB)open pdf in a new window

Section1 Background of the Promotion

  1. Background of the Measures Relevant to Persons with Disabilities
    (Not "2".)

Section2 Recent Movements of Revision of the Basic Law (2011)

  1. Promotion of Institutional Reform
  2. Revision of the Basic Law for Persons with Disabilities and its Outline
  3. Main recent movements

Chapter2 Mutual Understandings and Interaction (PDF:60KB)open pdf in a new window

  1. Enlightenment, Public Relations and others
  2. International Cooperation

Chapter3 Building Foundation for Independence for Social Participation (PDF:63KB)open pdf in a new window

  1. Education and Nurture of Children with Disabilities
  2. Measures for Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Chapter4 Establishment of Foundation of Daily Lives (PDF:67KB)open pdf in a new window

  1. Measures for Lifestyle Stability
  2. Measures of Healthcare and Medical Service

Chapter5 Building Foundation of Quality of the Environment (PDF:79KB)open pdf in a new window

1.   Measures for Building a Town Where is Livable for Persons with Disabilities
(Main urgent supports for persons with disabilities who were hit by the East Japan Great Earthquake)
2.   Measures for Persons with Disabilities to ensure information and communication