III. Review Toward a New Long-Term Programme for Government Measures on Disabled Persons

The "New Long-Term Programme" will end its term in March 2003, so the "Headquarters for Promoting the Welfare of Disabled Persons," headed by the Prime Minister decided to formulate a "New Fundamental Programme for Disabled Persons" by the end of the year 2002, which is to be implemented from April 2003, and to formulate a "New Governmental Plan for Persons with Disabilities" that will outline the implementation of the priority measures of the New Long Term Programme.

The New Long Term Programme will determine the fundamental directions of measures for persons with disabilities in Japan for the next ten years. "Round-table conference on the New Fundamental Programme for Disabled Persons" is held under the presidency of the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and the hearings and study of opinions is performed with the participation of persons with disabilities and their families as well as people engaged in welfare activities for persons with disabilities.

Furthermore, government ministries and agencies engaged with implementing measures for persons with disabilities have created review teams for each area of the measures (education and fostering, employment and work, welfare and medical care, creation of barrier-free building and transportation facilities, information and communication and international cooperation), and are cooperating with each other in order to formulate a comprehensive and effective programme.

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