A 2013 Declining Birthrate White Paper



Part 1. Current Status of Measures to Cope with Declining Birth Rate and its Challenges

Part 2. Specific Implementation Status of Measures against Declining Birthrate  1/2(PDF:368KB)open PDF in a new window | 2/2(PDF:398KB)open PDF in a new window

  • Chapter 1. In Pursuit of a Society Where Parenting is supported and Young People can grow in Confidence (Page28~31)
  • Chapter 2. In pursuit of a society which can realize hopes of pregnancy,birth and childcare (Page32~39)
  • Chapter 3. Strengthening community with multiple networks which performs childcare (Page40~42)
  • Chapter 4. Aiming for a Society that is Harmonious for Work and Life for both Men and Women (Realization of Work- Life Balance) (Page43~45)
  • Chapter 5. Handling Children and Child-Rearing in Areas Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (Page46~52)