A 2014 Declining Birthrate White Paper



Part 1. Current Status of Measures to Cope with a Declining Birthrate and its Challenges

Part 2. Specific Implementation Status of Measures against a Declining Birthrate(PDF:284KB)open pdf in new window

  • Chapter 1. In Pursuit of a Society Where child-rearing is Supported and Young People Can Grow in Confidence (Page36~39)
  • Chapter 2. In Pursuit of a Society Where Hope for Pregnancy, Birth and child-rearing Can Be Realized (Page40~46)
  • Chapter 3. Pursuing Communities with child-rearing Capabilities by Building a Diversity of Networks (Page47~49)
  • Chapter 4. In Pursuit of a Harmonized Society Where Work and Life Are in Harmony for both Men and Women (Realization of the Balance between Work and Life) (Page50~53)
  • Chapter 5. Handling Childcare and child-rearing in the Disaster Areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake (Page54~56)

Column (Page57~75)  1/3(PDF:428KB)open pdf in new window | 2/3(PDF:403KB)open pdf in new window | 3/3(PDF:402KB)open pdf in new window