Space-based Business Idea Contest "S-Booster"

S-Booster 2022 final selection meeting was held.

 Following the current rapid growth of space-based business in Asia and Oceania regions, which utilizes satellite images and satellite navigation systems, the National Space Policy Secretariat (NSPS) expanded its activities of S-Booster in the regions of Asia and Oceania from 2019 and invited a lot of business ideas to promote business activity and collaborations with space communities in Japan, Asia and Oceania regions in the field of NewSpace.
The final selection meeting was held on December 15, 2022 and the winners were decided.

S-Booster 2021 in Asia and Oceania

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S-Booster in Asia 2019

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S-Booster 2017/2018

 The NSPS has launched a space business contest "S-Booster" in 2017 in collaboration with the industry in order to boost businesses in the field of NewSpace in Japan. The contest invites space-based business ideas from entrepreneurs and individuals in Japan to facilitate the realization of their business ideas by providing financial support, business coaching from accelerators and others.