National Youth Development Policy

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2. Basic Principles

Measures for the development of youth will be promoted based on the three principles below.

(i) Support of both the quality of present life and the future development of youth

Support will be provided to youth so that they can lead high-quality lives today and grow into socially independent individuals tomorrow, making their own choices, taking responsibility for themselves, helping each other, and achieving self-realization in their relationships with society, by undergoing challenges and various trials and errors.

(ii) Need for both reviewing adult society and youth's adapting to society

Trust and effort on both the adult side and the side of youth are necessary. Specifically, adults will review the present adult society to make it desirable for achieving the sound development of youth, recognizing that problems of youth reflect the problems of the adult society. At the same time, youth will strive to understand and adapt themselves to adult society as they grow.

(iii) Need for efforts of every organization and individual

Recognizing that achieving the sound development of youth is a responsibility of society as a whole, every organization and individual constituting society-not only families and schools, but also workplaces, communities, and private organizations-need to make efforts in mutual cooperation while performing their respective roles and responsibilities.


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