National Youth Development Policy

December 2003
Headquarters for Youth Development

- Table of Contents -

1. Purpose for Formulating the Policy

2. Basic Principles

3. Priority Issues
(1) Supporting social independence
(2) Supporting youth facing specific difficulties
(3) Placing more emphasis on self-motivation for youth
(4) Developing a social climate that allows candid discussions

4. Basic Direction of Measures by Age Group
(1) Infancy
(2) Elementary school age
(3) Adolescence
(4) Young adults

5. Basic Direction of Measures for Youth Under Specific Circumstances
(1) Supporting youth with disabilities
(2) Supporting single-parent families, etc.
(3) Addressing maladjustment to society, including juvenile delinquency
(4) Damage prevention and protection of youth
(5) Supporting youth working under disadvantageous conditions in the labor market

6. Basic Direction of Measures for Establishing an Appropriate Environment for Providing Support
(1) Creating frameworks for accessible services
(2) Creating attractive schools
(3) Town/village development that supports the local community
(4) Dealing with changes in the information/consumption environment
(5) Promoting survey research, provision of information that is easy for youth to understand, and publicity/awareness-raising activities

7. Frameworks for Promoting the Measures
(1) Coordination and cooperation between the administrative organs concerned
(2) Coordination and cooperation with local governments and private bodies including youth
(3) International coordination and support
(4) Disclosing information and reflecting the opinions of citizens including youth in the measures
(5) Policy evaluation and investigation of the impacts
(6) Reviewing the Policy