WHITE PAPER ON YOUTH 2003 -- What is the White Paper on Youth?

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What is the White Paper on Youth?

1 Background

The White Paper on Youth reports the present state of youths in Japan and relevant measures so that the general public may obtain an understanding of the national youth administration. It has been published since 1956 and issued its 45th edition this year.

2 Report Structure

The White Paper on Youth 2003 is organized into three parts: Part 1, "Present State of Youths in Japan"; Part 2, "Administrative Policies on Youths"and "References."

(1) Part One Present State of Youths in Japan
Describes the present state of young people in Japan with reference to the latest statistics on youths.
Chapter 1 Youth Population
Chapter 2 Youth Health and Safety
Chapter 3 Youth Education
Chapter 4 Youth Labor
Chapter 5 Juvenile Delinquency

(2) Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths
Describes the government policies on young people undertaken mainly in 2001.
Chapter 1 Comprehensive and Systematic Promotion of Youth Administration
Chapter 2 Programs for the Sound Development of Young People
Chapter 3 Policies for Homes
Chapter 4 Policies for School Education
Chapter 5 Policies for Work
Chapter 6 Policies for the Improvement of Social Environments
Chapter 7 Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency and Treatment of Delinquents
Chapter 8 Policies on International Exchange

(3) References


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