WHITE PAPER ON YOUTH 2003 -- Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths

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Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths

Chapter 3 Policies for Homes

Section 1

(Promotion of Home Education)

(1) According to the report prepared by the "Meeting on the Enhancement of Support for Future Home Education" in July 2002, various other forms of support have been provided through increasing various learning opportunities on home education such as child-care seminars, enhancing the placement of "child-care support staff" and "home education advisors," improving consultation systems, and preparing and distributing a "home education handbook" and "home education notebook".

(Programs for the Sound Development of Children at Home)

(2) Consultation services and support have been provided to children and families, by child guidance centers, child and family consultation rooms, child welfare volunteers, public health offices, child and family support centers, child-care facilities, and day-care centers.

(Welfare to Children and Families in Need of Social Aid)

(3) To support children who need care in becoming independent and provide infants with nursing care, the foster parent system was amended in 2002 and efforts have been made to improve and expand baby homes, child-care facilities and day-care centers.

(4) With the aim of preventing child abuse and ensuring the development of sound mind and body as well as independence among all children, seamless and comprehensive support measures have been carried out, from prevention of the occurrence of child abuse to early discovery of and response thereto, protection, support and after-care.

(5) In addition, various measures have been taken for the welfare of mother-child families, maternal and child health, and the well-being of disabled children.


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