WHITE PAPER ON YOUTH 2003 -- Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths

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Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths

Chapter 6 Policies for Improvement of Social Environments

Section 1

(Purification of Harmful Environments)

(1) Relevant measures have been taken over social environments deemed particularly harmful to the sound development of youths, such as voluntary regulation by relevant industries, environmental purification by local communities, regulations and controls under the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses, etc. and local government ordinances on the protection and development of youth. The Council for the Promotion of Youth Development and relevant ministries and departments are requesting industries to offer voluntary restraint.

(2) Since welfare-related crimes such as violation of the Law against Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and the Child Welfare Law could have adverse effects on the minds and bodies of young people and significantly hinder their sound development, efforts have been made to aggressively control such violations and find and protect young victims.

(3) Aggressive measures have been taken to control offenses via "online dating sites" as well as to carry out public relations activities to prevent victims of such offenses. Efforts have also been made to request providers and website managers to cooperate with the government by putting indications on websites to prevent children from using their sites.

(Protection of Youth Human Right)

(4) In addition to the creation of environments where the basic human rights of youth are properly respected, relevant measures have been taken such as publicity/educational activities and investigation/handling of human right infringement cases so that young people themselves can acquire proper ideas about respecting human rights and growing healthy in both mind and body, in order to become deserving members of society.

(Measures to Prevent Youth Accidents)

(5) Efforts have been made to prevent accidents that involve youths, such as traffic accidents, accidents involving babies or infants, crimes of abuse of infants or children, drowning and mountain accidents, as well as to improve social environments surrounding them.


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