WHITE PAPER ON YOUTH 2003 -- Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths

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Part Two Administrative Policies on Youths

Chapter 7 Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency and Treatment of Delinquents

Section 1

(Activities to Prevent Juvenile Delinquency)

(1) Various measures and activities have been intensively taken for the prevention of juvenile delinquency through various special month campaigns such as the "National Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Month," in order to develop moral consciousness among young people and purify the social environments surrounding them. Various youth organizations, such as juvenile protection centers, youth support centers, juvenile guidance staff councils, mothers' groups and other community based organizations for the prevention of juvenile delinquency, have been working on street guidance, youth consultation and purification of harmful environments in their respective capacities and uniqueness.

(Treatment of Juvenile Delinquents)

(2) Many organizations are involved in specific phases of treatment to guide juvenile delinquents on the path to sound development, namely, the police, the prosecutor's office, family courts, detention homes, juvenile corrective institutes, juvenile prisons, regional parole boards, and probation offices. (Figure 18)

(Measures against Drug Abuse by Youths)

(3) Relevant measures have been enhanced to eradicate youth drug abuse problems, namely the implementation of drug abuse prevention classes, improvement of drug abuse prevention education, thorough publicity and educational activities, and enhanced controls.

Figure 18 Overview of Treatment Process of Juvenile Cases [PDF format]


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