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Part 3 Reference Data

Reference Data

1. Questionnaire and Results of Simple Computation

(Points to be noted concerning the reference data)
(1) Figures represent percentages, and the number of respondents, which is the basis for calculating them, is indicated in parenthesis.

(2) The Republic of Korea has participated in this survey since the third survey.

(3) Questions that are changed in this survey are marked with "down arrow" and the contents of the change are indicated in the column below in «  ». The contents of all changes are shown in the section "2. List of Changes in Questionnaire."

(4) Concerning Q13
(5) Figures on Choice 11 of Q41 (a) and (b) for the Republic of Korea in the fifth survey are not indicated due to errors in the Korean translation.

(6) Concerning * marked on Q40 and Q51


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