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Part 2: Outline of the Survey Results

VII. Outlook on Life

4. View on religion

(1) View on religion
Q50  [HAND R CARD 45] Do you think that religion provides emotional support and a guide to attitude and behavior in the course of daily life?
  1. Agree
  2. Somewhat agree
  3. Somewhat disagree
  4. Disagree
  5. Do not know
  6. Refused

When asked if religion provided an emotional mooring or the basis of attitudes and actions within their daily life, 40.8% of Japanese youth answered 'Agree' ("Agree": 13.4% + "Somewhat agree": 27.4%).

Comparing the five countries, the percentage of those giving 'Agree' was the highest in the U.S.A., at 80.5%. The order elsewhere was South Korea (62.9%), the U.K. (52.4%), Japan (40.8%), and France (40.7%).

Table 7-4-1-1: View on religion < CSV Data >

Table 7-4-1-1: View on religion

An analysis of Japanese youth by gender difference shows that there were no differences.

Table 7-4-1-2: View on religion (by gender) < CSV Data >

Table 7-4-1-2: View on religion (by gender)


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