The International Youth Development Exchange Program (INDEX) for FY2023

The “International Youth Development Exchange Program (INDEX)” has been developed on the occasion of the Imperial Succession in 2019 from “the International Youth Development Exchange Program” reorganized in 1994 to commemorate the marriage of the Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, had been integrated by two original programs; “the Japanese Youth Goodwill Mission” in 1959 to commemorate the marriage of Their Majesty the Emperor Emeritus and Empress Emerita and “Invitation of Foreign Youths to Japan” started in 1962.


The purpose of the program is to send Japanese youths to one country in above-mentioned each region and engage them with multi-case study, thereby nurturing young people who have global perspectives to meet the needs of a complicated global society of today.

The purpose of the “Invitation Program of Foreign Youth to Japan” is not only to deepen understanding of the regional themes through discussions between Japanese youths and overseas youths, but also to promote mutual friendship and understanding between them, to broaden the international perspectives of youth in each region of Japan, and to foster the spirit of international cooperation and develop the ability to put it into practice.

As such, the objective of the program is to nurture and develop youths who can demonstrate leadership skills in various fields in a global society, and to facilitate social contribution activities by the youths.

Japanese Youth Goodwill Mission

(1) Themes

The 2023 “Japanese Youth Goodwill Mission” sets themes based on the internationally recognized issues:
  1. Utilization of information technology
  2. Responding to the disaster and climate change

(2) Host Countries

  1. Republic of Estonia (Utilization of information technology)
  2. Dominican Republic (Responding to the disaster and climate change)

(3) Number of youths

Two delegations (a delegation basically consists of one leader, one sub leader and twelve participating youths) were sent to each host country.

(4) Duration of the visit: 11 days

October 5 to October 15, 2023 (inclusive of the days of arrival to and departure from each country)

(5) Activities in each country

  • Institutional visit
  • Courtesy call
  • Homestay
  • Discussions with local youths
  • Interaction with local youths

Republic of Estonia

Dominican Republic

Invitation of Foreign Youths to Japan

(1) Participating countries: 4

  • Republic of Estonia, Kingdom of Denmark, Dominican Republic, and Republic of Peru

(2) Number of foreign youths to be invited: 32 in total

  • Each delegation of a participating country basically consists of eight members, including one leader and seven participating youths.

(3) Duration of the invitation (length of stay in Japan): 11 days

  • October 15 to October 25, 2023 (inclusive of the days of arrival to and departure from Japan)

(4) Activities in Japan:

  • a. Tokyo Program
    • The International Youth Conference
    • Institutional visit
    • Courtesy call
  • b. Regional Program (Wakayama and Iwate)
    • Courtesy call
    • Institutional visit
    • Exchange programs with local youths under various themes
    • interaction with local youths

Overseas participants joined the discussion and institutional visits with Japanese participants based on two courses for the Tokyo Program

  • Utilization of information technology (Republic of Estonia and Kingdom of Denmark)
  • Responding to the Disaster and Climate Change (Dominican Republic and Republic of Peru)

The International Youth Conference 1

The International Youth Conference 2

Institutional visit

Report of the International Youth Development Exchange Program (INDEX) for FY2023