The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” (SWY)

Amid rapid globalization, cooperation, coordination, and negotiation in various fields beyond national borders have been of fundamental importance.

Leaders of the next generation are sought after both in international society and local communities to cope with globalization and to efficiently guide others.


The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “Ship for World Youth” aims to develop the ability to deal with different cultures and the communication skills to improve leadership and management skills through discussion and cultural exchange with those from various countries and from various backgrounds.
The Program also encourages listening to seminars by experts, planning activities and holding workshops themselves to deepen mutual understanding.

Moreover, the Program broadens the Participating Youths’ global views as well as strengthening their spirit of international cooperation and, as a result, cultivates youths who are capable of contributing to society by exercising their leadership skills in various fields in the globalizing and diversifying societies.

A strong human network beyond national borders can be established.

Onshore and Onboard Training Sessions

The Participating Youths conducted a variety of activities during the onshore and onboard training sessions separated into four groups: National Delegation, Letter Group, Committee, and Course Discussion.

Participating Youths committed to the program which has six Course Discussions* of common assignment for the world. They participated in Course Discussion themes and had seminars including; Cross Cultural Understanding, Leaders ship and Project Management to share the necessary knowledge through common themes with six Course Discussions. They performed the “PY seminar” which is organized by Participating Youths and the “Skills seminar” which was a new seminar where Participating Youths conveyed their specific skills.

In addition, they understood deeply about each other countries’ cultural background through a National Presentation by each National Delegation and various activities in Ports of Call Activities during Onshore Training and two different ports of call.

*Six Course discussion theme
  • Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Dialogue, as a Means of Building Peace
  • International Cooperation
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Youth Empowerment

Ports of Call Activities

The Ports of Call Activities FY2016 were held for three days in Auckland, New Zealand and four days in Suva, Fiji. Each Participating Youths achieved their individual activities in each country with the based theme: the experience of cultural diversity and understanding in each country.

They gained an understanding of various cultures backgrounds through Maori’ s traditional culture at Orakei Marae, institutional visits from Course Discussion themes and visiting local schools.
They performed meaningful activities in Fiji, they experienced local culture at villages and an institutional visit.

Participating Youths discussed common assignments in each country. Furthermore, both countries welcomed Participating Youths such as courtesy call to the Minister for Youth in New Zealand. Both the President and the Prime Minister visited the ship in Fiji.

Reporting Session of The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “Ship for World Youth” (SWY)

The Japanese Participating Youths conduct a Reporting Session to audiences on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

Reporting Session of The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “Ship for World Youth” (SWY)

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