Moonshot Goal 7
Realization of sustainable care systems to overcome major diseases by 2040, for enjoying one’s life with relief and release from health concerns until 100 years old.

Target of Moonshot Goal

[Realization of a society where everyone can prevent diseases spontaneously in daily life]

  • Establish infrastructure to maintain good mental and physical health by developing technologies, in order to stay healthy and prevent the onset and aggravation of diseases by regulation of immune systems or sleep, etc., and to visualize individual physical and mental state in daily life and urge people to voluntarily take healthy maintenance actions most suitable for them by 2040.
  • Develop technologies to monitor all living body trends with lower physical and mental load by 2030.

[Realization of medical networks accessible for anyone from anywhere in the world]

  • Establish a medical network to provide the same level of medical care as a normal time regardless of region and even upon disasters and emergencies by developing diagnostic and treatment devices for simple tests and treatments at home, etc. and diagnosis- and treatment-free technologies for part of chronic diseases by 2040. In addition, develop methods for radical treatment and precision medicine for diseases such as cancer and dementia by substantially reducing the development period of drugs and medical devices, etc. through establishment of data science and evaluation systems by 2040.
  • Establish a technology platform to provide quality medical and nursing care suitable for each individual appropriately even with less providers by developing compact, speedy and high-sensitivity diagnostic and treatment devices as well as technologies to further enhance doctors’ medical opinion and diagnostic capability by 2030.

[Realization of drastic improvement of QoL without feeling load (realization of an inclusive society without health disparity)]

  • Establish a social infrastructure to enable self-reliant life at home without depending on nursing care by developing such technologies as the recovery of body function with rehabilitation without feeling load, normalization of ailing biocontrol systems, regeneration or substitution of weakened organs and so forth by 2040.
  • Develop technologies to improve body function through load-reducing rehabilitation and support self-reliant life at home and to improve ailing living biocontrol systems by 2030.

* For attaining the goal, it is important to have various research approaches which cross over between basic research and practical research or between medical research and research of other fields and the adoption of the latest knowledge.