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Council for Science and Technology Policy 52nd session (28 February, 2006)
      At its 52nd session on February 28, the CSTP (Council for Science and Technology Policy) decided on an official response to scientific misconduct. The decision, recognizing that the robust self-discipline of the scientific community is the keystone to cope with issues concerning misconduct, acknowledges the deliberation in the Science Council of Japan in developing an ethical code for scientists, and asks universities and research institutes to set up rules and procedures to manage misconduct cases. Moreover, funding ministries must establish their policies regarding the handling of research funds related to cases of misconduct.

  The Council also reviewed the preparation of the eight field-wise promotion strategies, which define important research themes, strategic critical science and technologies (together with their expected economic and societal outcomes), and ways to facilitate the return of research benefits into economic and societal value. The promotion strategies are prepared for each of the following eight technology fields: life sciences, information and communication, environment, nano-technology and materials, energy, monodzukuri tech.*, social infrastructure, and frontier. The strategies are expected to be decided upon in the Council toward the end of March, in conjunction with the third Science and Technology Basic Plan covering FY2006-FY2010.

  Prime Minister Koizumi concluded the meeting by saying, " think selection and focus in investment for science and technology is very difficult, since every scientist tends to be adamant in believing his/her work to be of top priority. I would like you to make best use of your expertise and strategic thinking for further selection and focus."

*monodzukuri tech.; manufacturing technology

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