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hapter 2 Implementation of Measures for the Aging Society
  2. Trend of Measures for the Aging Society

International Efforts on Aging

- The Second World Assembly on Ageing was held by the United Nations (UN) on April 8-12, 2002 with the participants from 159 countries including a Japanese delegation composed of relevant government officials.

- Since the First World Assembly in Vienna in 1982, the population structure has been rapidly changing; especially in the developing countries, the speed of aging will be accelerated in future. The aim of the Assembly was to discuss aging issues based on such trend, and reexamine the common strategy 'International Plan of Action on Ageing' after 20 years, under the main theme 'Building a Society for All Ages.'

- 'Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing 2002' adopted in the World Assembly declared the three priorities in aging measures in the 21st century: 1) Older people and development, 2) Improvement of health and welfare in older age, 3) Securing the environment to enable an active and supportive life. Under these three directions, 35 action goals have been established by discussion point, and advice for specific action required to attain each goal was given. It was resolved that the UN member nations would promote this plan positively in cooperation with all the related bodies. (Table 2-2-5)

Table 2-2-5. Abstract of Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002 and Political Declaration

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