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Table 2-2-5. Abstract of Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002 and Political Declaration

Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002

I. Introduction
This statement shows the outline of the goals, themes, priorities of new Plan of Action, while emphasizing the importance of ageing issues in developing countries and viewpoints of gender or development along with the background of global population ageing.

II. Recommendations for action
Based on the three directions of high priority, 35 action goals were decided by discussion point, and encouraged are specific actions required to attain each goal. The three directions of high priority and each discussion point is as follows:

Priority direction 1: Older people and development
Issue 1: Active participation in society and development
Issue 2: Work and the ageing labour force
Issue 3: Rural development, migration and urbanization
Issue 4: Access to knowledge, education and training
Issue 5: Intergenerational solidarity
Issue 6: Eradication of poverty
Issue 7: Income security, social protection / social security and poverty prevention
Issue 8: Emergency situations

Priority direction 2: Improvement of health and welfare in older age
Issue 1: Health promotion and well-being throughout life
Issue 2: Universal and equal access to health-care services
Issue 3: Older persons and HIV/AIDS
Issue 4: Training of care providers and health professionals
Issue 5: Mental health needs of older persons
Issue 6: Older persons and disabilities

Priority direction 3: Securing the environment to enable an active and supportive life
Issue 1: Housing and the living environment
Issue 2: Care and support for caregivers
Issue 3: Neglect, abuse and violence
Issue 4: Images of ageing

III. Implementation and follow-up
Issues requested for implementing International Action Plan in each nation and also needs of following up action outcomes are indicated from the four viewpoints:, 1 National action, 2 International action, 3 Research, 4 Global monitoring, review and updating.

Political Declaration (19 articles)
The points of Political Declaration are as follows:
  • In order to thoroughly implement 'Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing 2002,' international collaboration system should be strengthened and it is essential in particular to encourage developing nations to be positively involved in world economy.
  • It is important to situate ageing in socio-economic policies, mainstream the gender point of view in the entire measures and promote international researches on ageing.
  • Although the government should display an initiative in ageing policies and have principal responsibility in the implementation of International Action Plan, effective cooperation between the government and municipalities, international organizations, individual older persons and bodies, civil society, private departments are essential.
  • UN plays a major role in the implementation, follow-up and monitoring 'Plan of Action .'

Source: UN data (Excerpted by Cabinet Office)

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