The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” (SWY)

In the rapid globalization of today’s world, where cross border cooperation, coordination, and negotiation are indispensable at every field, leaders who are able to play a key role in initiating globalization are required in local communities as well as international society.


The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” aims to develop the ability to deal with different cultures and the communication skills and to improve leadership and management skills through the discussion and cultural exchange with those from various countries and various backgrounds, and by listening to the seminars by experts and planning activities and holding workshops by themselves, to deepen the mutual understanding, and furthermore, to broaden global views as well as to strengthen their spirit of international cooperation, and as a result, cultivate youth who are capable of contributing to society by exercising their leadership skills in various fields in the globalizing and diversifying society, and moreover to establish a strong human network beyond national borders.

Onshore and Onboard Training Sessions

The participating Youth conducted a variety of activities during the onshore and onboard training sessions by four groups: National Delegation, Letter Group, Committee, and Course Discussion.

They planned the continuity of the onshore and onboard training session for maximum achievement within the limited training time.

They promoted their abilities of theory and practice through each activities that included; 1) the Course Discussion with the theme of the contribution of youth to society, 2) the Leadership Seminar to focus and enhance leadership skills, 3) the Project Management Seminar to develop management skills, 4) the PY seminar (participants conduct a seminar as the lecture), 5) the Port of Call Activities and 6) National Presentation.

Ports of Call Activities

The port of call activities in 2015 were held each four days in Chennai, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Each participant achieved the individual activities in each country with the based theme: the experience of cultural diversity and understanding in each country.

At the port of call activity in India, participants visited a school to learn Indian traditional culture. This featured visits to institutions specific to each course discussion theme: Community Development, Education, Environment, Information and Media and Youth entrepreneurship. During the relationship exchange program with local youth, the participants performed in a cultural show where they deepened their friendship between them. They also had the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural skills and communication skills by expressing their own opinions in the specific course discussion groups designated by their respective themes.

At the port of call activity in Sri Lanka, participants visited institutional facilities related to each discussion theme. They performed their own country's traditional practices during the exchange relationship program.

In addition, they were divided into three areas including home visits, to experience having time with a local family where they had an opportunity to learn more about local culture and have a deeper understanding of different societies.

Report of The Next Generation Global Leaders Program “The Ship for World Youth Leaders” (SWY)