International Collaboration

Moonshot R&D Program aim to achieve the ambitious goals (“Moonshot Goals”) by bringing together wisdom from all over the world under the direction of top researchers.

Example of International Participants

Moonshot International Particpants Map
Goal Project Manager Counterpart Country and Region Detail
1 ISHIGURO Hiroshi
Osaka University
Dubai Future Foundation UAE PDF:360KBOpen PDF in new window
2 AIHARA Kazuyuki
The University of Tokyo
State University of New York at Buffalo United States PDF:524KBOpen PDF in new window
3 HARADA Kanako
The University of Tokyo
The Australian National University Australia PDF:432KBOpen PDF in new window
4 FUJIKAWA Shigenori
Kyushu University
University of Illinois United States PDF:1247KBOpen PDF in new window
4 ITO Kohzo
The University of Tokyo
Chulalongkorn University
Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)
PDF:765KBOpen PDF in new window
4 KASUYA Ken-ichi
Gunma University
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) United States PDF:747KBOpen PDF in new window
5 YURA Kei
Ochanomizu University
Harvard University
Living Aquatic Resources Research Center(LARReC), and others
United States
Laos, and others
PDF:456KBOpen PDF in new window
6 MIZUNO Hiroyuki
Hitachi, Ltd.
Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory United Kingdom PDF:263KBOpen PDF in new window

This is an example of collaboration. Each program/project has various collaborative efforts to achieve its goals.

Please refer to "R&D Projects" for more information.

Moonshot R&D Program will encourage international participation in different ways such as:

(1) Participation as a project manager (PM).
Calls for PM will be announced when it is open on “Topics” in official website for Moonshot R&D program.
All nationalities are welcome to be a PM, but PMs are principally based in Japan after being appointed.
-Currently no applications are available.
(2) Participation with financial support from Moonshot R&D Program.
(e.g., as a principal investigator or other type of participation under the supervision of the relevant PM)
-Currently no applications are available.
(3) Participation (Cooperation) without financial support from Moonshot R&D program.
No official applications to calls are needed while the participation depends on the decision of PM and PD on whether international participation is necessary to achieve the relevant Goal after consultation.

For participations under (2) and (3), a base in Japan is not required.

Since specific process and arrangement depend on cases, potential international applicants are suggested to contact the relevant funding agencies (FA), i.e. JST, NEDO, BRAIN or AMED.
Contact FA