Action of Japan to the drifting matters washed out by the March 11 Earthquake(so-called ‘3.11 Tsunami Debris’)

Tsunami triggered by the March 11 Earthquake washed out houses, containers etc. from the land, and made offshore matters such as fishery vessels, oyster beds and other fishing gears etc. loose. Some of them have sunken, others are still drifting.

Interagency team coordinated by the SHOP1) of CS2);

  1. is monitoring the current status of the 3.11 Tsunami Debris based on the reports from navigating ships and satellite imagery
  2. is trying to predict of trajectory by numerical simulation
  3. shares the information with other countries which may be affected by the 3.11 Tsunami Debris
  • 1) SHOP: Secretariat of Headquarters for Ocean Policy
  • 2) CS: Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Japan