Brochure SIP " Pioneering the Future: Japanese Science, Technology and Innovation 2020"

SIP ”Pioneering the Future: Japanese Science, Technology and Innovation 2020”

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What is the Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program(SIP)?
12themes in the 2st period of SIP
Big-data and AI-enabled Cyberspace Technologies
Intelligent Knowledge Processing Infrastructure Integrating Cyber and Physical Domains
Cyber Physical Security for IoT Society
Automated Driving for Universal Services
"Materials Integration" for Revolutionary Design System of Structural Materials
Photonics and Quantum Technology for Society 5.0
Technologies for smart bio-industry and agriculture
Energy system for an IoE society
Enhancement of National Resilience against Natural Disasters
Innovative AI Hospital System
Smart Logistics Service
Development of Innovative Technologies for Exploration of Deep-sea Resources
11 themes in the 1st period of SIP
Innovative Combustion Technology
Next-generation Power Electronics
Structural Materials for Innovation (SM4I)
Energy Carriers
Next-generation Technology for Ocean Resources Exploration
Automated Driving for Universal Services
Infrastructure Maintenance, Renovation, and Management
Enhancement of Societal Resiliency against Natural Disasters
Cyber-security for Critical Infrastructure
Technologies for Creating Next-generation Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Innovative Design/Manufacturing Technologies
Interview of HASHIMOTO Kazuhito, chairman of the Governing Board
Members of the SIP Governing Board
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